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2019 APA Show


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2019 Show Book & Entry Form






Fall Sale

I want to thank all our vendors for their support and for bringing such a great variety of animals and goods to the sale.

It was very pleasant to meet you all and to hear your feed-back and opinions on the sale for next year.

We will take all this into account and bring it up at our next meeting.

Thank you to everyone for their positive attitudes and for cleaning up their spaces afterwards, it helped make our job easier!

Thank you to those who donated to the silent auction and to those vendors that made a long drive in to come, your support is greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to next year. 


Kylie Wasiuta

Secretary Treasurer


A group of vendors created an imaginative display that enhanced the atmosphere in the hall. " The "Tiki" booth




UPDATE To The Club's 'Agriculture In The Classroom' Program: Polson School

Our Chairperson, Shannon Dawley, supplied 12 eggs, and thanks to club member, Danica Mutcher’s information on her birds, Shannon was able to print out pictures of all the breeds as well as names and information on them. Shannon also typed up some “Fun Chicken Facts”, a list with pictures of her personal farm home, as well as information about the Cluck and Quack poultry Club.

Shannon met 23 grade 3 and 4 students at Polson School and shared information and fun stories about poultry. The children were all quite engaged, asking questions, sharing bird stories, and so very excited about the eggs in the incubator. Between the teacher and students, it was decided that Shannon should return to the class in about 10 days to candle some eggs and see what was developing and what was not.

11 days later: the kids were quite engaged, and very excited to see what we were going to do. We took most of the afternoon to talk, candle eggs, ask and answer questions, and play a few games. Clearly, Shannon brought her (Plymouth barred rock) for a visit as well. The kids really seemed to get a kick out of the barred patterns on her feathers. Shannon also found out that they do a “class count down” to the days of her visits.

The next visit was scheduled for 1 week after the chicks were scheduled to hatch. Club members Page, Jude and Corrine were kind enough to join Shannon in this adventure and brought a baby goat, a rabbit, and a rooster with them. The students were engaged, excited and full of questions. Page and Jude did a wonderful job fielding questions and showing off their creatures. Unfortunately, only 4 chicks hatched and 3 made it. The kids were disappointed, but learned some very valuable life lessons and are excited to try again.

In continuing to visit, and reach out to the class room Shannon was amazed at how many kids are interested in having “farm” animals. Shannon really tried to reiterate to the class that all animals, whether they are pets or for food production, deserve to be treated with a level of care and respect, and just because you eat it does not mean that they do not deserve a good life while they are around.

The children have learned the importance of heritage breeds, and have studied some of the types on their own time. They understand the importance of care and have a better understanding on the circle of life and natural selection. Shannon can honestly say that despite some slight bumps in the road that have more than tested her flexibility this project has been a complete success.



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