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Reserve a Stall

Fall Sale

General Information that would pertain to all spring auctions - the links on the left would take the reader to the schedule of events page and/or the Home page for info specific to that particular auction.




Saturday, September 7th.

Springfield Curling Club, Corner of 15 & 206, Dugald, MB.

Inside, it is a concrete floor on which the stall areas are marked. Stalls will be 10WX10Deep.

The parking lot outside is suitable for larger critters, = goats, your emu, and like critters.

What you have in these areas is up to each vendor. It can be equipment, crafts, preserves, vegetables, hobbies, livestock (poultry, rabbits, etc.) your garage sale items etc.


Vendors responsibility

(a)  Provide tables and/or cages for display purposes

(b)  Feeding and watering of their livestock

(c)  Bedding (shavings and/or straw)

(d)  Sales and collection of their sales proceeds

(e)  Boxes/crates to sell livestock

(f)   Cleaning up their sites at the end of the sale to  

      the satisfaction of the official crew.


When Arriving

Please proceed to the registration desk between 8:30am and 9:30am.

Vendors will be requested to remove, if in the opinion of the coordinator,

  • Any livestock is, or appears to be, in poor health

  • Any goods or materials which are considered inappropriate

  • Any birds under 4 months old which are not sex-linked must be sold as unsexed.


Map/Pictures/Posters etc.  - click an image to enlarge.


pdf version of poster

To Reserve a Stall Contact Bill Hartmann:

Email: bhartmann@xplornet.com.

Phone 204-755-2347

Send cheques payable to Cluck and Quack Poultry Club to Box 1GRP 540 RR 5 Winnipeg, MB. R2C 2Z2

Registration Fees:

Cluck & Quack members - $20.00

Non-Members - $35.00 (Memberships are available on-site).

Vendors must have registration tag prior to proceeding to their assigned area. Registration tag to be prominently displayed


Volunteers will be required to ensure the area, after closing, is conducive to our return in 2020


The club will be holding a Silent Auction/silent raffle format. To make the event cost-effective we do rely on proceeds from the silent auction so donations of any kind (do not have to be poultry or small animal related) will be most appreciated!





Saturday, September 12th & Sunday, September 13th

Springfield Curling Club, Corner of 15 & 206, Dugald, MB.

Check back for more information.








Saturday, September 11th & Sunday, September 12th

Springfield Curling Club, Corner of 15 & 206, Dugald, MB.

Check back for more information.